What is Arduino?

Arduino, an Italian name meaning "strong friend", is a popular "open-source electronics prototyping platform based around a microcontroller. It accepts inputs, such as signals from sensors (light, temperature, moisture, etc.) or data from the Internet or wireless devices, and sends output signals to devices, such as LEDS, motors, speakers, MIDI sequencers, computers, and so on."

In simpler terms: It is a ready-to-use creative platform, designed to provide interactivity between humans, smartphones, PCs, sensors and the physical world. It is especially a boon for creative people who don't have a technical background and want to translate their wildest techno-ideas to reality in a snap.


After the completion of this workshop, students will understand:
  • How the devices that kids use every day include programmable microcontrollers
  • How do you customize microcontrollers (hardware) with your own programs
  • How to use various electronic components and how to use the Arduino controller to control or communicate with those components

Workshop Highlights:

  • Open Source Platform
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to Debug
  • Interfacing I/O devices
  • Interfacing External Peripherals
  • Learn Advance Topics
  • Live Projects