About workshop:

In this workshop you will develop a robot that can find its way out from a maze of puzzling lines. The robot moves through the maze arena using infra-red optical sensors. When it detects a junction, the bot intelligently decides the path using a special algorithm. The programming logic is fed into the microcontroller so that it can zip through to the end point.

By making your own maze solver robot, you'll practically learn how to program a robot to logically solve problems. You'll also learn to develop a line follower robot using sensors and microcontrollers.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Current scenario/job opportunities of embedded industries.
  • Understanding the skill set required in a new employee in embedded industry.
  • Understanding the robotics future scope and Understanding the different microcontroller available in the industry & their use.
  • In-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous robot Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.


  • Introduction to Robotics.
  • Introduction to Embedded systems.
  • Introduction to programming in embedded.
  • Working principle of Motors and its types.
  • How to use IR sensor in Digital and Analog Mode.
  • Role of a sensor in a Robot