Vitvaraa Innovation Lab

Vitvaraa Innovation Lab (VIL) is a work space where young minds or professionals can give shape to their ideas through hands on learning mode and it helps to develop innovation skill. Vitvaraa proposes to support establishment of network of Vitvaraa Innovation Labs in India.

The main objective of this program is to foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young minds and inculcate skills such as adaptive learning, computational thinking, rapid calculation, measurements etc. Young minds or professionals will get a chance to work with different engineering tools like 3-D printers, PCB Fabrication machine etc. Student will learn the aspects of REST (Robotics, Engineering, Science and Technology) education through project based learning.

VIL contain educational, learning and prototyping equipment and Do It Yourself kits on robotics, electronics, science, microcontroller boards, sensors, 3D printers, printed circuit board fabricating tools etc.

  • REST (Robotics, Engineering, Science and Technology) education.
  • Teaching about different concepts – ranging from ideation, design, proto- typing.
  • Technical assistance for national level competitions.
  • Periodic exhibitions/tech fairs.
  • Workshops on latest technologies.
  • Workshops on product designing and fabrication.
  • Summer and winter camps.