About workshop:

This workshop is ideal for beginners, intermediate and enthusiast to provide a technical platform to the young eager minds so as to smoothen their technical journey in the field of Robotics. This will be dealing with sense algorithm in a Robot which would be controlled through the Microcontrollers, Bluetooth and different integrated chips through their programming. In the workshop they will be working on LEDs, motors, Bluetooth module on which they will design many more practical’s and projects.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Current scenario/job opportunities of embedded industries.
  • Understanding the skill set required in a new employee in embedded industry.
  • Understanding the robotics future scope and Understanding the different microcontroller available in the industry & their use.
  • In-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous robot Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.


  • Introduction to Robotics.
  • Introduction to Embedded systems.
  • Introduction to programming in embedded.
  • Working principle of Motors and its types.
  • How to use IR sensor in Digital and Analog Mode.
  • LCD and its types.
  • Role of a sensor in a Robot
  • Bluetooth module working
  • USART protocol, Serial communication