IOT and Embedded System

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Every business is now a technology business and with this new era comes opportunities and challenges. At Treeline, we are uniquely positioned with the hardware and software experience to help your business capitalize on the Internet of Things revolution. We help with…

  • Physical Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
  • Design: Prototyping, Industrial design, UI/UX
  • Manufacturing: Design for manufacturing, supply chain management
  • Security: Device, Software, Cloud, and protocol specific such as BLE 4.2
  • Software: Networking and infrastructure, embedded-systems programming, big data, machine learning, apps and web

Whether you are modernizing an established business or changing the world with your startup, we are here to get you from concept to product in the least amount of time.

Custom Hardware from Prototype to Fabrication Ready

A key driver in the IoT space is the “new hardware movement” where hardware development is becoming an agile process and looking much more like the software development process. New tools now allow for hardware to be developed and shipped with much greater flexibility and with shorter timelines. We help with…

  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Q/A Testing

Sensors and IoT Devices

Sensors can provide the data you need to automate processes and gain visibility into your business operations. We have extensive expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology that can be what your company needs to increase efficiencies or disrupt business models.

  • RFID
  • Temperature
  • Navigation
  • Proximity

The Cloud

Cloud computing is empowering companies to reduce costs, streamline processes, improve accessibility, and improve flexibility. At Treeline, we can help you optimize this resource with...

  • Integration
  • Security
  • Monitoring

Device Integration

Devices can integrate with smartphones, central hubs, routers, and each other. Working with us you get software and hardware development under the same roof, saving time and facilitating better integrations.

  • BLE Smart
  • Custom APIs
  • WiFi
  • Test Scenarios
  • Device Layer Software
  • Legacy Protocol Integration

Embedded Systems

Developing for firmware and embedded devices requires the ability to work with both hardware and software, observe real-time constraints, account for new and custom designs, and configure or create new operating systems. Equally important is the ability to manage a process that needs to account for reliability, safety, and correctness. Let our experienced professionals support your project and instill the highest level of confidence in your embedded system.