Raspberry Pi

About workshop:

The Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive, low-power computer aimed at getting children interested in Computer Science. It is, however, a very flexible machine, and its capabilities have made it very popular among makers and hobbyists, who see the Raspberry Pi as a cheap way of accessing a relatively large amount of compute power.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Gain practical concept of Raspberry Pi
  • The concept of Raspberry Pi and their interaction with various system
  • develop very good understanding of Linux programming and peripheral interfacing with Raspberry Pi
  • Practical knowledge and experience of applications assembly and maintenance
  • The knowledge of programming and coding leads to develop a confidence of project designing
  • Can help and easily get the good job opportunity in Embedded system

Workshop Highlights:

  • Raspberry Pi Operational basics
  • Hardware Dependencies for running OS on minimalist setup
  • Getting started with Linux shell scripting
  • Basics of kernel based Hardware control
  • Device control from shell terminal
  • Remote access to your device