Robotics Engineering Science Technology

REST Education for Students

REST education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of Robotics, Engineering, Science, and Technology. Vitvaraa encompasses this approach through authentic and creative design exploration and challenges that foster hands-on learning about the scientific and mathematical world.

REST education focuses on innovation and creativity as a way to build key skill sets for students. Vitvaraa Inventors Kit fits well into this design, providing an opportunity for students to build innovative circuits that merge electronic building blocks with other materials.

Our core objective:

  • Provide students with a real-world engineering experience that incorporates the practical application technology and science.
  • Prepare students to be technologically literate and thus better prepared to enter the workforce.
  • Help students develop leadership, project management, team work and organizational skills.
  • Develop students’ confidence and competence through self-directed learning, decision-making, abstract thinking, and problem solving.
  • Networking and infrastructure, embedded-systems programming, big data, machine learning, apps and web

This course explores technical concepts in the Common Core State Standards- Technology through practical applications with hands-on and fun computing and robotics activities. Students write C computer programs to control a robots, make games and animations. Through both personalized and collaborative group computing and robotics activities, students learn and reinforce the algebraic thinking with arithmetic operations in whole and decimal numbers, fractions, measurement, variables, data conversion, lines, angles, ratios, and proportions. The hands-on activity and experiments help students make meaningful connections between abstract technical concepts and their relevance to real-life applications, as well as help develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Engineers and other technical professionals will serve as a mentor, shepherding student throughout the course. By working side-by-side with an engineer from a local industry, students learn what engineers’ do-engineering is demystified.